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Some people know how to work the system, and with Get Hired by Design you’ll have a leg up on the competition. Learn how to get the offer, negotiate a premium salary, and position yourself for the advancement you deserve. Work the system and start living better right away, laughing in the face of student debt.

Get Hired by Design puts you in positive control of your career. After a few dozen pages, you will begin to feel more confident, like “I got this!”


  • Hands-down best answers to the 72 most common interview questions

  • And, more importantly, how to avoid tanking an interview with ill-considered responses

  • Read hundreds of secrets to landing your next big career

  • The right way and the wrong way to send a thank you note

  • Shrewd negotiator’s signs you should bail and look elsewhere


  • How to build and present an online portfolio

  • How to negotiate a raise in your salary even before you start work

  • What you must know before the Skype interview

  • How to present a print portfolio

  • How to show your work so that even if they hate it they will still hire you

  • How to dress for success when the pressure is on


  • Over 300 pages of cataloged and indexed info, so you can get information you need fast

  • How the right side hustle can help you get the job you really want

  • How good manners can cause you to leave buckets of money on the negotiating table

  • Eight ways to conquer your fear of group interviews

  • How to collect a bigger paycheck than what they originally offer

  • How to get past the gatekeeper

  • How to answer those trick questions from bosses who are “too clever”

  • How to schedule your interview to double your chances of landing your dream job

  • How new research gives you the interviewing edge

  • How to stalk your new job like easy prey

  • How to fix a weak portfolio

  • How the STAR and SHARE interview models will allow you to answer any behavioral question, whether you prepared for it or not

Read about all these and more in your completely free eBook, yours for the asking.

Listen: All the interviewing advice in the world won’t do you any good—unless you understand how to implement it. Get Hired by Design will teach you how to move past the traditional interview into natural, two-way conversation that will move you straight to the offer.

Finally, get paid what you’re worth. What could you do with a 10%-15% salary bump? Travel? Buy a vacation home? Get your dream car? Save for your honeymoon?

Greg has taught me to bring my personality and knowledge of what my skill set is worth to every interview. Without his help, I would not have gone from an average salary to a beyond comfortable position with benefits and relocation packages. He has taught me to value my professional self-worth while anticipating the off-beat interview questions in order to ace the interview every time.

Randa Hovater

Greg taught me to see an interview as a two-way conversation rather than an inquisition. And thanks to his portfolio advice, I nailed my first interview at more than $10,000 above others in my graduating class.



Weldon Fultz



Greg Jones has experience on both sides of the hiring desk, and he understands the art of negotiation better than most. As a former newspaper executive, staffing service group manager, and serial entrepreneur, Jones has interviewed and hired or contracted over 10,000 people from every walk of life. Although he has spent most of his life essentially self employed, he has worked for 18 other companies, only failing to get a job offer once in his career.

Whether this is your first entry into the job market, or your tenth, carefully following the advice you find here will ensure you land your dream job at a salary that exceeds your expectations.